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The Southeast’s Premier Boutique Style Pharmacy at Your Fingertips.

If you are a provider or caregiver who recognizes one of your patients needs assistance adhering to medication plans, then WeManageMeds @ Specialty Pharmacy Services can help. We have perfected a personalized approach to the pharmacy industry, enabling us to reach patients directly. Our team works with doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, clinics, home health agencies, caretakers, and more to provide a better life for your patients. We are an independently-owned pharmacy here to serve your patients and assist you in caring for them.

doctor with patient

We Make the Referral Process Easy for Professionals

At WeManageMeds @ Specialty Pharmacy Services, we go out of our way to make things easier for everyone. While we accept referrals directly from patients, we also have an easy and accessible referral program for providers. We accept phone, email, and e-script referrals from prescribing professionals. Once we get a referral from you, we take it from there by contacting the patient, caregiver, or both to begin the process. Our service is essential for everyone, but especially seniors. The primary reason many older individuals enter assisted living is medication-related. As a practitioner, you can do your part in helping them maintain independence by referring them to our team.

Our RxSTRIP System Reduces Medication Errors

As a provider, you want to know your patient is in good hands. We do too. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with the patient in a way big-box chains cannot. Not only do we ensure they understand their medication plans, but we also clearly label all medications so patients know when and what to take. Our RxSTRIP technology reduces the risk of missed doses, double doses and other medication errors while making your job as a provider easier.

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