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Cutting Edge Interface Bridges the Information Gap

I.V. Stat, Inc. offers the facilities we partner with a complete Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR), as well as the traditional Medication Administration Record (MAR) to provide the best medication management services for each care facility we service. Ensuring medication administration accuracy is a top priority. Preserving patient records at your fingertips is a bonus.

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MAR Package

The paper MAR package is a service that provides a printed form for charting on each resident, both upon admission and each month. Each resident form includes printed physician orders, treatment sheets, and psychoactive monitoring sheets tailored to fit the individual needs of the facility. Because the MAR is printed from the same system we use to print prescription labels, the result is an error-free printed MAR with the correct drug, strength, and instructions.

eMAR Package

The electronic MAR (eMAR) package offers the latest technology in the industry. This cutting-edge interface bridges the information gap between the pharmacy and the facility. All pertinent prescription information entered into the pharmacy system by our professionals is readily available for use at the facility, which streamlines administration and/or assistance documentation. The eMAR reduces transcription errors and end-of-month changes that often get overlooked using a printed paper MAR. This option can also shave valuable staff time off of a medication pass.

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Pair an eMAR + RxSTRIPs and BOOM… You’ve got time for a coffee break! …with your residents of course!

Our eMar Partners

At I.V. Stat, Inc., we currently interface with 4 Electronic Medication Administration (Assistance) Records (eMAR).

ALIS by Medtelligent

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