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Medication Packaging & Dispensing Systems

I.V. Stat, Inc. dispenses medications in two different types of unit-dose packaging and delivery systems for the long-term care and correctional facilities we service. Enabling secure, automated dispensing within your facility, helps clinicians improve medication safety, reduces medication waste, and saves nurses time.

lady prepping medication

RxSTRIP Multi-Dose Packs

Our automated multi-dose RxSTRIP™ packets provide multiple oral medications in a single pouch that are due to be taken at the same time. This is the latest packaging technology to aid in adherence for the independent and/or memory-compromised patient. It also shaves valuable time off of a medication pass in a busy facility, or with those patients that have a heavy prescription profile. Your extra time can then be spent more effectively with your residents.

bingo punch card

Bingo Punch Card

The punch card (bingo card) packaging system is a sealed card for up to 31 doses of a single medication. We use this system for both non-controlled and controlled medications as it provides an on-hand inventory at a glance. The controlled medication is easily designated by a smaller, slimmer version of the non-controlled card. Multiple cards may be used to achieve a month’s supply of a single medication. All cards have additional indicators for the time of day to aid in medication administration or assistance.

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