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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Increases Medication Adherence and reduces missed doses, double doses, doses taken at the wrong time, and other potential mistakes.
  • Eliminates stress and confusion from organizing pill boxes and identifying pills.
  • Individually sealed dose packs reduce the chance of pill spills.
  • With individual dose packs, you always know you’ve taken your medications.
  • Discrete and compact dose packs fit anywhere for work, day trips, or travel.
  • Integrity of medication is secure with individually sealed doses.
  • Get all your meds from one single-source RxSTRIP that is easy to store and transport.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your child is given the right medication and that the medication has been unaltered when given at school or away from home.

Specialty Pharmacy Services is the community affiliate to I.V. Stat, Inc., a local, closed-door pharmacy that has specialized in providing medications and services to patients in long-term care facilities including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, group homes, and other special needs situations since 1998. Unlike IV Stat, Inc., Specialty Pharmacy Services is available to the public on an appointment-only basis, providing exceptional service and specialized packaging to assist patients and caregivers with their medications. Call us today at 850-226-8162 for an appointment!

Specialty Pharmacy Services is a locally owned and operated, independent pharmacy. Decisions are made at a local level allowing for customized solutions to fit the specific needs of each patient. Our business model is unique in that our pharmacy accepts new patients on an appointment-only basis to ensure that your individual needs are met. We provide professional consultation in a private setting without interruptions. This initial step is necessary to gather all the information we need to make your health our priority.

WeManageMeds is a FREE service Specialty Pharmacy Services offers to patients that want to take control of their healthcare. Rather than you contacting your doctors and pharmacists for refills, sorting and organizing monthly pill boxes, and contacting your insurance for coverage and benefits, WeManageMeds does all that for you! Our licensed professional pharmacists and staff review, discuss, customize, synchronize, and strip all your medications for the entire month into one RxSTRIP of individual dose packs to ensure you take all the medication as prescribed. This approach has proven effective in reducing medication errors and subsequently reducing emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

WeManageMeds simplifies taking multiple medications by organizing them the way patients take them. Rather than receiving multiple pill bottles each month that you then have to sort and organize into pill boxes, WeManageMeds does all that for you! Our professionally licensed staff strip medications into individual dose packs containing all of your medications scheduled to be taken at a particular date and time. The dose packs are connected into one RxSTRIP for the entire month. Simply tear off a package and go! RxSTRIP dose packs are easy to open and clearly labeled with patient and drug information so you know you’re taking the right medication at the right time. This process helps to increase medication adherence and reduces ER visits due to medication misadventures as well as reducing hospital admissions.

Specialty Pharmacy Services takes most commercial insurances and government plans, including Medicare Part D Plans and Tricare. We bill your insurance company directly just like big box pharmacies, so your copays will be similar or the same. Plus, we offer competitive pricing for any medication not covered by insurance.

YES – and it is actually preferred! This provides the pharmacist better insight into your overall health profile and allows for screening of drug interactions, duplications, and other potential issues.

Yes, medications prescribed to be taken every other day, once a week or any other regularly scheduled medication can be included in your RxSTRIP as long as we know what day/date/time it should be taken.

Unfortunately, no. If a medication is not scheduled to be taken routinely, there is no way to know which dose pack to put it in. These medications can still be filled by Specialty Pharmacy Services but will be dispensed in a bottle or a blister pack card, whichever is preferred.

Yes. Specialty Pharmacy Services stocks a full array of the most commonly used over-the-counter medications. If you take them routinely, they can be included in your RxSTRIP. If it’s something we don’t stock or can’t get through our regular supply chain, we can discuss other options during your consultation.

Yes. Liquids, powders, creams, ointments, lotions, and injectables cannot be included in your RxStrip, but can still be dispensed by Specialty Pharmacy Services. For example, inhalers, eye drops, and insulin will be dispensed in an appropriate container and clearly labeled with directions.

We are conveniently located at 533 Eglin Parkway NE, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547, next to Denny’s.

YES. We offer FREE monthly hand delivery within the local Fort Walton Beach Area. We can also arrange delivery outside our area for a fee. These details can be discussed during your private consultation.

  • Name, Address, Phone Number
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Allergy Information
  • Insurance Cards
  • Current Medication List and how/when they are being taken
  • Number of pills for each medication that you currently have
  • Prescriber’s Name for each medication you’re taking
  • Contact Information for each prescriber, if available
  • Pharmacy name and phone number where prescriptions are currently being filled

No. We will put your RxSTRIP on a cycle to automatically refill. We will contact you prior to filling your next RxSTRIP to discuss any changes to your health or medications and schedule a convenient pickup appointment or delivery time. Any new prescriptions or over-the-counter items between cycles will be addressed. Scheduled inhalers, eye drops, insulin, diabetic supplies, and as-needed medications can be sent automatically upon request. Please contact the pharmacy when you are running low to avoid running out.

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