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I.V. Stat, Inc. Comes to You for Your Flu Shots

This service is provided to all of the facilities we service, as well as for any business with 25 or more employees. Each October-December (and sometimes into the next year), we are pounding the pavement to vaccinate all those employers who wish to vaccinate their employees with the following shots during the convenience of the workday: Influenza (FLU), Pneumococcal (Pneumonia), Shingrix (Shingles), Adacel (Tetanus/Diphtheria), Covid & Covid Booster.

guy getting vaccinated

In-Pharmacy Immunizations

Who wants to get a shot in front of shoppers?
Most adult vaccinations are available by appointment at both of our locations in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and Montgomery, Alabama. We value your privacy and have a dedicated area for patient consultations and injections. We file insurance when possible and report all vaccinations to the state registries per guidelines. You can learn more about the vaccines you may be eligible for at Schedule your private appointment today!

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