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Pharmacy the Way It Should Be

Looking back it shocks me to say that I have been serving this community as a pharmacist for over 30 years! I feel honored to have been given that privilege and fortunate to practice the profession I am still so very passionate about.

As the owner of I.V. Stat, Inc., Specialty Pharmacy Services, proudly serving Okaloosa County’s long-term care facilities since 1998, I have seen a lot of changes in the industry. The biggest is that the trend toward using big box pharmacies has taken over – simply due to convenience. But with convenience, there is often a price. What is lacking with this “fast-food” approach to medicine is the traditional pharmacist-patient relationship, which is vital to your overall health and wellness. Rather than a pharmacist managing your medications, that task has been placed on you, leaving no one to oversee your big picture. This lack of specialized attention is the catalyst that inspired me to launch WeManageMeds.

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Tracy McMorrow

Tracy McMorrow
PharmD, Owner
Consultant Pharmacist

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Bringing CARE Back to Healthcare

It is my vision to offer the same impeccable service and adherence packaging to my family, friends, neighbors, and community who need help managing their medications that I have been providing to those in long-term care facilities. I.V. Stat, Inc., Specialty Pharmacy Services, has been managing, synchronizing, consulting, vaccinating, and coordinating healthcare for our patients for over 25 years, and we hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence to bring you the highest level of care.

With the launch of WeManageMeds @ Specialty Pharmacy Services we want to provide a unique pharmacy experience. I am excited to have recently revamped our pharmacy to elevate healthcare to a new standard. Your comfort and privacy are important to us as you will see reflected in our appointment-based approach and peaceful surroundings. As one of the few independent pharmacies in Okaloosa County, we provide one-on-one consultations with our pharmacy professionals in a boutique-style environment. And no long lines! We’ll deliver your RxSTRIP right to your door!

Adhering to your doctor’s medication plan is not just for seniors in assisted living anymore. It’s for everyone who wants to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

Make an appointment today and let us STRIP for you!

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